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Motorcycle Race Engine Development by RHC

RHC develops valves, pistons, springs, and camshafts to produce winning combinations on different models of race motorcycles. The Service department ports heads, flow tests, dyno tunes customer's motorcycles and after putting together a winning combination of components for racers.

The company has been in business since 1983, and helped put race teams and racers on the podium each year. Racers in flat track, motocross and road racing have used and benefitted from RHC's innovative expertise.  We have a full machine shop and race shop that includes a dynamometer, flow machine and other tools to test and develop motorcycles to their fullest potential.  Computers abound in the area to record results from the testing and to help fine tune performance.

European companies have contacted RHC for consulting purposes and development with success. Communication on what the customer wants to see is listened to and worked on.